BrahMos missile was fired by mistake, it was a shame on the world level, a big acknowledgment of the Indian government

India faced a lot of embarrassment at the international level due to missile firing on Pakistan last year, which has been mentioned by the government in the court.

It should be noted that the cruise missile developed in cooperation with Russia was fired from the state of Haryana on March 9, 2022 and fell near Mian Chanu in Pakistani Punjab. The incident created diplomatic problems for New Delhi.

The Indian government told the Delhi High Court a few days ago that a BrahMos missile was accidentally fired in March last year and landed in Pakistan. This incident could have led to a war-like situation between the two neighboring countries and India had to face the embarrassment of the international community due to this.

Additional Solicitor General of India Chetan Sharma told the Delhi High Court that this was undoubtedly a case where we had to be quite embarrassed in front of the international community. This missile did not fall in India but it fell in Pakistan. This could have led to a war situation and the country raised its voice in the United Nations.

The Modi government was actually arguing against a petition filed by an Indian Air Force officer. This petition has been filed by one of the three Indian Air Force personnel, who were dismissed by the army after being found guilty of indiscriminate firing of missiles.

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