Home Sports Boyis: “The WiZink Cup with Jaén will remain in my retina”

Boyis: “The WiZink Cup with Jaén will remain in my retina”

Boyis: "La Copa del WiZink con el Jaén quedará en mi retina"

Antonio Manuel Sánchez, better known as Boyis (Doña Mencia, Córdoba, 31 years old) is an important piece for Tino Pérez at Inter Movistar. The Andalusian closure can boast of a career available to few: three seasons in Jaén, two at Barça and now he is in the second at Inter Movistar. I just signed at the end of the season, although there is still a lot of time to “talk”. This Saturday, Movistar, which comes from two defeats in a row, visits Jaén at the new Olivo Arena (18:30, Footters), that he is signing a brilliant start to the campaign (twelve points out of fifteen). Before the duel, Boyis spoke with AS.

-How do you rate Inter’s start to the season?

The truth is that at this point we did not expect to be with seven points (five days). Playing in this team requires you to win and we have a bit of a bad dynamic, but hey, we really want to change it together. The work is being good and very hard, and I am sure that we will turn the situation around.

-What have been the failures?

Intensity, competing to the maximum for forty minutes, because physically we are strong. It is a very even League and, if you get lost, any team is capable of winning you. We have to improve that facet and be focused the whole game. It is no longer worth playing at home or away, everyone can stand up to you.

-Last season the team finished sixth in the regular phase. Would repeating position be a great risk?

The truth is that when competing, we really responded. We won three titles: the Spanish Cup, the King’s Cup and the Super Cup. In the League things did not turn out as we wanted, and this year we are able to improve and one of the objectives we have is to be in the Champions League next year. For this we must play a great role in the League.

-And this Saturday, visit the Olivo Arena de Jaén

They have a great team, and they show it every year. And now at the Olivo Arena, they can finally enjoy it. It is a good place to vindicate ourselves. I have wonderful memories of Jaén, they were three spectacular years and they made me feel like one of the family. I have a special affection for them, but now I am defending the Inter shirt and I will give 100%.

-It has a historical milestone: four consecutive Cups conquered. One with Jaén, two with Barça and the last with Movistar.

If four years ago someone told me that, I would tell them that they are crazy. In any club I have been to, the demand is maximum, and blessed pressure to always win. The jump from Jaén to Barça was bigger, because you meet world-class cracks in the locker room. From there to here, to Torrejón, there is hardly any difference. I want to keep winning.

-Your best memory of the stage in Jaén?

The WiZink Cup in 2018. It was very special. Winning being a humble, small team, above all an Inter Movistar in Madrid, with all of Jaén involved in the grandas and I, as captain, raising the Cup. It will remain in my retina forever.

-Which title do you want the most?

I have not won the Champions League, because I helped Barça by entering the Final Four. Then, due to the pandemic, it was postponed to the following campaign, and I was already at Inter. I do not consider myself champion (for UEFA it is). I hope I can get rid of that thorn in the future, but the League is a very special title, every weekend. Basically, I want to win it all.

-And a possible return to the National Team? The European is just around the corner …

It is always a dream to wear the shirt of your country, and I will work hard to make that day come again. Game by game, starting this Saturday in Jaén.

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