Boyfriend Varun Bangera dances for Karishma Tanna and Terrence Lewis dances at O ​​Antawa

Karishma Tanna’s pre-wedding functions continue and her photos and videos are making a lot of noise on social media. On Thursday, Karishma Tanna’s turmeric photo dominated, while her sizzling mehndi feature is also seen. At the same time, Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera’s Mehndi Ceremony video is going quite viral in which Karishma’s boyfriend is seen dancing a lot to woo her beloved.

Varun Bangera made this mehendi ceremony even more special for Karishma Tanna when he was seen dancing to Hrithik Roshan’s song Ghungroo Tut Gaye. He gave a great dance performance, seeing that Karishma was also very happy. Now this video is covered on social media.

At the same time, not only the bride and groom enjoy these rituals, but family members and people close to Karishma involved in the wedding are also making a lot of noise. Choreographer Terence Lewis is also seen dancing in Karishma Tanna’s Mehndi performance. That too in Pushpa’s hit song O Antava. Terrence Lewis’ dance on this song is getting a lot of headlines.

The special thing is that in both videos, Terence Lewis is seen doing a very unique step. And because of this, this video is being watched over and over again.

Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera’s wedding rituals, which began on Thursday, are now about to reach the Fero mandap. Shagun’s turmeric has been applied and Piya’s name has been made on her hands. Now the wait is only for that moment when both will be bound in the bond of marriage and will be united forever.

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