Boy (18) paid 3 Bitcoins for McDonald’s menu, but why?

Young Australian entrepreneur Kane Ellis has always been interested in technology. At eighteen, he founded a technology consulting company, Nerd Herd. He then developed the CarSwap app. He became quite successful with this, but these were not his most successful investments. That was Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin for McDonalds order

HI started 2011 with Bitcoin mining. He was there very early then; the Bitcoin price at that time was only 1.6 US dollars. The Bitcoin network also needed significantly less back then. Back then you could still mine 3 to 4 coins a day with your laptop. Expensive hardware was unnecessary back then. He himself viewed it as a kind of experiment; After further research into the principle of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, he was convinced of their usefulness.

After collecting a nice amount of Bitcoins, Ellis decided to put his technological novelty into practice. A decision that he later somewhat regretted:

I did that in 2011 or something 4 BTC paid for a meal at McDonalds.” explained Ellis. This was part of the experiment; He wanted to see if the concept really worked. Those few Bitcoins would have been worth more than $200,000 now, but they were important enough for him to actually try out the technology.

Bitcoin and its price were very unpredictable at the time, so it was important to investigate whether it was even practical to pay with the volatile coin. After this purchase he was convinced. Even his friends supported his decision even though Bitcoin was still in its infancy.

From Bitcoin to owning your own company

His Bitcoin adventure convinced him of his IT skills and business knowledge. This led to his first company, Nerd Herd. This is the Australian IT consulting company of which he is still the CEO, according to his LinkedIn profile. Within months, he had contracts paying up to $100 an hour.

His interest in trading and software led to the founding of the online car trading platform CarSwap in 2016, which even counts regular car dealers among its customers. His passion for cars and investing in cryptocurrencies eventually led to him purchasing his dream car at the age of 24; a bright yellow Maserati GranTurismo.

Cryptocurrencies have helped me build a better life and start my own business. Now I can live the life I always dreamed of,” concludes Ellis.

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