Boxing: Jeremías Ponce could not win the super lightweight title

Nothing to object. The defeat was in the calculations, even categorically. But on Sunday morning, Jeremy Ponce He got out of the ring at The Armory center in Minneapolis (United States) with his head held high and sure that he had exhaled every last drop of his energy. After five hectic rounds, of furious crosses, he could not come out in the 6th round and ended up watching, sitting in his corner, how the Puerto Rican subriel matias he held the super lightweight champion belt of the International Boxing Federation. And he was ending his 30-fight undefeated run.

“It hurts me because I wanted to win. I came to win. But we couldn’t”, said Ponce, once he could catch his breath after the battle. “My corner knows me better than anyone. And sometimes It’s better to make the decision a minute before than a minute later,” acknowledged. And in that sense, the second of him, Alberto Zacarías and his son Patricio, They gave the world an example of respect. Their boxer was not immolated because he was at stake for a world title. They did not send him to the front in search of the saving hand nor did they want to subject him to superhuman resistance as long as he ended up on his feet.

with great sensitivity, zacarias father and son they detected that a limit had been crossed behind which only the worst awaited. They knew how to lose when they could no longer win. And they avoided an unnecessary beating. Ponce may have a lifetime ahead of him to thank him.

The Puerto Rican Matías is a serious thing. He won his 19 fights by knockouts and perhaps no welterweight in the world today can match his inexhaustible rhythm, his volume of blows and the power of his punch.. Ponce (63,276 kg) took him ahead in the first round. He came out to face him without inhibitions and worked his low shots very well, with very strong left hooks. But after the initial siege, Matías (63,162 kg) sustained all the crosses and in the blow by blow, he always gave a feeling of greater solidity.

Ponce could never move it, but it came often, with a 33 percent efficiency on power shots (106 landed on 319 thrown). Instead, with similar numbers (128 applied over 347 thrown, 37 percent effectiveness), Matías caused irreparable damage. He moved Ponce multiple times and outflanked him and dropped him in the 5th. When he was preparing to accelerate his fighting machine to go for the definition, the Zacarías avoided greater evils and brought Ponce down from hell. How well they did.

Some observers questioned the eminently offensive option that Ponce took. They believe that it was a mistake to go out to fight against a heavy-handed gunner like Matías, and that he should have cooled down the first few laps based on legs and jab, opening the ring and avoiding exchanges. It was one of the options. But Ponce and his team chose to be true to his nature.

On the most important night of his career, the one that could change his life, they played their chance to all or nothing. And in the law of the strongest, they lost. Nothing ensured that the outcome would have been different if the fight had been faced in another way. Things happened the way they were, and there is no way to file an analysis based on what should have happened.

Even so, Ponce was well placed before the bosses of American television and it is possible that in the future, he will be summoned again. What has been said: defeat was in the plans and much more against a fighter as exuberant as Matías. He did what he could, he did it well and there is no room for reproach. At 26 years old and in a relationship with the boxer Iara Altamirano, mother of his son Alejo, Ponce has a whole tomorrow of emotions to go through. Life goes on.

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