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Box office France: Arthouse cinema and family blockbusters: Thanks Alibi.com 2?

This year we’ve had an enjoyable run of French productions from genre cinema and that doesn’t disappoint. Between the astronaut from Nicolas Giraud, vermin from Sebastien Vanicek, miners from Matthew Turi, The Animal Kingdom from Thomas Cailley, acid from Only Philippot or Tower from Guillaume Nicloux (without forgetting the diptych of the Three Musketeers by Pathé), French cinema has finally come out of its comfort and its little French comedies to offer real visions from authors on fantasy themes. That hasn’t stopped some filmmakers from pursuing the idea of ​​offering family comedies with XXL budgets (La Bande à Fifi was published in particular Alibi.com 2 before deployment 3 days max at the end of the year). There were also pachyderms Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom from Guillaume Canet and his budget 60 million euros.

If the films of Tarek Boudali And Philippe Lacheau Since they attract a lot of spectators, it is not a race Asterix and Obelix which remain just a small mixed bag. However, it is clear that the speech endorsing the desire ” to stop knocking great French family films » is true if we take the example of Alibi.comwe can start to get an idea of ​​the profitability of the latter and the profits it generates CNC which enables the financing of art house films. According to various sources, a film’s revenue is distributed as follows:

Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom – Trésor Films
Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom – Trésor Films
  • 10.72% of sales go directly into the CNC’s pocket.
  • 5.27% corresponds to the VAT collected directly by the French state.
  • 1.27% will be used to remunerate SACEM
  • 42.4% goes directly into the pocket of the distributor, who then pays the production companies, teams and actors.
  • 40.3% goes directly into the cinema operators’ pockets.

The average price of a cinema ticket in France is 12 euros. Of course, we will rely on this number to provide an estimate of profitabilityAlibi.com 2 but it is not 100% certain as many seats could also have been sold through different subscriptions (UGC, Cinépass) or cheaper country cinemas. Alibi.com 2to the budget of 12.4 million euros according to the numbers of JP Box Office and accumulated 4,277,385 entries at the end of the trip. This results in a total turnover of approx 51,328,620 euros. Therefore, this estimate results in the following:

Alibi.com 2 by Philippe Lachereau with Philippe Lacheau, Élodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali
  • 21,763,332 euros collected by Studiocanal.
  • 20,685,433 euros were raised by cinema operators.
  • 651,873 euros collected by SACEM
  • 5,502,428 euros were collected by the CNC.
  • 2,705,018 euros collected from the French state.

Although these are all just indicative figures, it allows us to see how much cinema revenue accounts for when we talk about profitability. The majority won Studio channel Specifically, it had to allow the studio to make a nice little margin, compensate the production companies, and give the people on the project a chance to pocket the cut. Philippe Lacheau particularly touched by the beautiful seal of quality 800,000 euros For the movie. The share gained thereby CNC can also help finance arthouse films, e.g Acid (12 million euros) where the Animal Kingdom (10-15 million euros).

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