Bowman and Bailey of The Elephant Whispers made serious allegations against the film’s creators, you know what they said

: Tribal couple Boman and Bailey, known for their excellent work in the Oscar-winning documentary The Elephant Whisperers, recently made serious allegations against director Kartiki Gonsalves and Sikhya Entertainment. In an interview with a YouTube channel on August 4, the couple accused the creators of financial exploitation and harassment.

According to Bowman and Bailey, Kartiki Gonsalves developed a good relationship with them during the making of the documentary. But once the film won the Oscar, a lot changed in their conversation. The pair claimed Gonsalves distanced himself from them afterwards. Discussing the expenses incurred while filming the wedding scene, the couple said they would have to use the money they saved to educate Bailey’s granddaughter. About 1 lakh rupees were spent on it. Although Kartiki promised us to return the money, she still hasn’t returned the money and whenever we call her, she hangs up under the pretense of being busy.

He also said, “After the film’s success, he’s not being treated well.” After returning to Coimbatore from Mumbai we had no money to return to our home in Nilgiris. When we asked her for money for the trip, she said she didn’t have any money and would organize it soon. Gonsalves claimed he gave us the money to do our work. But when we checked the bank account, only 60 rupees were found on it.”

We can announce that The Elephant Whispers won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature this year. The film beautifully depicts Bomman and Bailey’s commitment to caring for orphaned baby elephants at Theppakadu Elephant Camp in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. Following the film’s success, the Tamil Nadu government announced a home for Boman and Bailey and a reward of Rs. 1 lakh each, while Karthik received a substantial sum of Rs. 1 crore from the state government.

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