Bowlers from 15 countries perform in the Pan-American tournament

With the participation of outstanding players, the Pan American Bowling Tournament began last night with a grand ceremony at the Sebelén Bowling Center facilities with bowlers from 15 nations seeking a spot for the Pan American Games in Chile.

The act began with the parade of the participating athletes, then the National Anthem.

Francis Soto, president of the Dominican Bowling Federation, who highlighted the quality of the continent’s players.

“We welcome all our dear players from the continent, who are looking for a position at the Pan American Games in Chile,” said Soto.

The federated leader thanked the Sebelén family for the facilities of the Sebelén Bowling Center.

The leader Martín Paba, president of the Pan American Bowling Confederation, also spoke, who highlighted the organization.

The sports oath was in charge of Víctor Richards jr.

During the ceremony, the Dominican Bowling Federation and the Sebelén Bowling Center recognized Paba. Soto and the immortal of Sports, Rolando Sebelén, presented him with a plaque for his support of Dominican bowling. At the main table were Rolando Raffy Sebelén, leader of the Bowling Federation and William Rodríguez, international bowling leader.

Athletes from Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic will participate who will be competing in singles, doubles, shortlists and teams.

The Dominican team is made up of Alejandro Prats, Rolando Antonio Sebelén and his son Rolando Antonio Sebelén Jr, Willie Javier, Wascar Cavallo and Víctor Richards Jr.

This event grants 2 places for the Lima 2023 Pan American Games.

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