Spaniard Roberto Bou (Cannondale TB) was a whirlwind in the second part of the marathon stageproving superior in crossing dunes and when navigating in the immense desert, which led him to victory in the third stage that joined Ksar Jdaid and Fezzou through 106 km of pure desert, where his teammate Francisco Herrero retained the red jersey.

Bou escaped in the last kilometers together with Sergio Mantecón and Guillem Martínez. Cannondale’s TB dared to sail in the final stretch and was the best of the leading group. He completed a day for history with a solo victory, after doing an invaluable job for his team.

A Blacksmith who was also able to extend his advantage with Looser. Both runners came to a tight sprint, but the Swiss measured the final corner worse and lost three seconds on arrival at the finish line.

Ramírez, with an iron hand

In the women’s classification, Anna Ramírez does not want to leave loose ends in her tyrannical dominance of the general classification. The Catalan runner was the leader from the first stretch of dunes and kept pushing to extend her lead

The margin with respect to their pursuers became more than four minutes. The one who could best resist the force of the KH7 runner was, again, Vera Looser. The Namibian cyclist does not want to give her arm to twist in this ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco. If yesterday she managed to snatch the victory from Ramírez, today she was the smartest in the final section of navigation and she managed to cut with the head of the race.

The leader is more leader, but Looser managed to reduce the bleeding to 30 seconds. In any case, Ramírez has more than five minutes of margin with respect to his rivals and has shown no signs of weakness throughout the race.

tomorrow’s stage

Return stage to the dunes of Erg Chebbi. All of it runs through large plateaus, in some passages more sandy than in others, with long straight lines to measure the strength of the participants.

Arriving at the erg area, the route crosses a large track, before reaching another more secondary one. These plains and small canyons flow into a large chott, the last step before reaching the end of the day.

The finish crosses large open spaces again until reaching the foot of the dunes of the camp that will accompany the participants for two nights.


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