Bou gives the lace

One more year, Toni Bou is left without opposition. Nobody is going to be able to separate him from his 33rd world title, Jaime Busto is the one who has shown the most determination to try it, but in this final stretch of TrialGP he has succumbed hopelessly. The one from Honda took the victory on Saturday in Italy with the one from GasGas third and the very champion repeated his success on Sunday with the contender giving up again, and this time with a sixth place, his worst result of the year. Thus, in the absence of the French double in September, Bou gives the finishing touch with 29 points between them.

If the card of de Piera was already insurmountable in the first day of Sestriere that he completed with 20 penalty points, what to say about the second. Bou could beat himself, the game he has been playing for 17 years, and signed a first pass on Sunday that was that, a pass: only two penalty points! He halved his initial pass on Saturday sending a clear message that they could not beat him either. Then he completed the process with another fantastic round of seven points to finish the day with nine.

Of course, no one else ended up with a single number on their scoreboard, The closest was a Marcelli who completed the double for Honda with 17 points (of them only three in the second round) and that stands out in the third position of the World Cup. Raga completed the podium with 22 and it was necessary to drop three more places to find a sixth and defeated Busto with 47, who was surpassed by Gelabert and Grattarola (both with 31). With 40 points to play in France, Bou may have a race to spare to become champion again. He continues without lowering the bar.

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TrialGP Italy 2 results and that’s how the World Cup goes

TrialGP Italy 2 results and that's how the World Cup goes.
TrialGP Italy 2 results and that’s how the World Cup goes.TrialGP

Bristow’s new double

The British Emma Bristow also seems to have taken the direct route towards the title of TrialGP Women. He won again in Italy and at the rate of a double, he has three in a row like Bou, he has been escaping from Berta Abellán, who occupied second position again, beating the Italian Rabino on time. Both remained 18 points behind the leader (10 to 28) and there are ten advantages that Bristow will have in the final in France against Abellán, less than those of Bou with Bust, but practically as insurmountable except for surprise.

Results TrialGP Women Italy 2 and that’s how the World Cup goes

Results TrialGP Women Italy 2 and that's how the World Cup goes.
Results TrialGP Women Italy 2 and that’s how the World Cup goes.TrialGP

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