Boston Dynamics humanoid robot grabs and throws objects in its latest video

Boston Dynamics humanoid robot grabs and throws objects in its latest video

Boston Dynamics has just released the latest demo video of its Atlas humanoid robot.

The robot already ran and jumped over complex terrain thanks to its feet, but now it has hands (more like pincers) and knows how to use them. These claws breathe new life into the robot, giving it the ability to pick up and drop anything.

The claw-shaped claw consists of a fixed finger and a movable one. Boston Dynamics claims that clamps are designed to lift heavy objects and were first shown in a Super Bowl ad featuring Atlas holding a keg over his head.

Videos posted today show the tongs picking up a wooden plank and a bag of tools. Atlas places the wood between two boxes to form a bridge. Then he grabs a bag of tools and walks across the bridge and over some construction scaffolding. But the toolbox has to reach the second level of the structure, something Atlas seems to have realized and quickly throws the toolbox a fair distance away.


Boston Dynamics describes this final maneuver: “Atlas’ final move, a 540-degree multi-axis spin, adds asymmetry to the robot’s movement, making it a much more difficult skill than previously performed parkour.”

Boston Dynamic Atlas is a research platform and is not for sale. He has long been the star of many viral videos and has effectively demonstrated the robotic capabilities of Boston Dynamic.


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