Boston Celtics leaves Jaylen Brown planted with his renewal

Jaylen Brown’s season with the Boston Celtics has been, so far, the best of his career and has enabled him to sign a super-max extension with the team that selected him in the Draft

The renovation of Jaylen Brown with boston celtics seemed to be very close after the guard entered one of the best quintets of the season. This prize allowed him to collect a much higher amount and brought him closer to renewal. However, the Massachusetts franchise has begun to doubt whether they are really interested in offering him this big contract.

That’s how it seemed that it was going to be at first, because he is a player that many teams like. But they’re the only ones who can offer him this super-max, which gave them serious options to keep him before he hits free agency next summer. However, we have now learned that Jaylen Brown’s renewal with Boston Celtics has stalled.

Boston Celtics don't want to offer Jaylen Brown supermax extension
Jaylen Brown could be transferred this summer

Boston Celtics don’t want to sign Jaylen Brown a supermax

After having entered the best quintets of the NBA season, Jaylen Brown earned the right to sign a super max contract. This allowed him to go from a maximum of 189 million dollars for four seasons to being able to sign a maximum of 295 million dollars for five seasons. A substantial increase that is only enabled for the best players in the league.

As we have commented, at first everything seemed to indicate that Boston Celtics was going to offer him this extension. But the truth is that Brad Stevens has serious doubts. And it is that a contract of these dimensions could be a future problem for a player who, although he has been one of the best this season, does not have the aura of a superstar.

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The transfer, the most feasible option at the moment

This morning, the Boston Celtics play a large part of the season in a historic seventh game against the Miami Heat. If they lose, management will start making decisions to improve the team for next season. AND one of the most important decisions they have to make is regarding Jaylen Brownwho could end up being pierced.

If they ultimately choose not to offer you this supermax extension, Boston Celtics looking to trade Jaylen Brown. They will do it because, if they don’t, the guard will leave for nothing in the next free agency. A situation they want to avoid at all costs, so they hope to get something in return. And there are many franchises willing to pay many rounds of the Draft for his transfer.

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