Boris Johnson “deliberately misled” Parliament about “partygate”, according to the committee that investigated it

London (BLAZETRENDS).- Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “deliberately misled” the House of Commons about “partygate”, the parties at the Downing Street residence during the pandemic, according to the conclusion of a parliamentary committee.

“We concluded that when you told the House and this committee that the rules and guidance were being followed, your own knowledge was such that you deliberately misled the House and this committee,” the Committee on Privileges report said today. of Commons, which investigated “partygate” for more than a year.

Johnson, who was in charge of the Government between July 2019 and September 2022, announced last Friday that he was resigning with immediate effect from his seat as deputy for the English constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip, considering that the committee had “made it clear to him ” in a letter that was preparing to expel him from the Lower House.

Johnson calls the report “garbage” and a “lie”

After knowing the conclusion of the committee, Johnson has described the report as “garbage” and has added that it is a “dreadful day” for democracy and that no parliamentarian is “safe from a vendetta”.

“The committee says that I deliberately misled the House and that when I spoke I was knowingly concealing from the House my knowledge of wrongdoing. That’s rubbish. It’s a lie. To reach this wild conclusion, the committee is forced to say a number of things that are absurd or contradicted by the facts,” Johnson said in a statement.

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