Boric promises to have a cabinet before January 22, as markets intimidate

From Santiago

Even if Gabriel boric (35) made history by crushing the extreme right and the ruling party, embodied in Jose Antonio Kast by 55.87% versus 44.13%, becoming the youngest and most voted president in the history of Chile, in less than twelve hours he had to connect with the reality of the intense — and hot — Chilean post-electoral day.

In the heat wave, the triumphant representative of I approve of Dignity (a coalition that makes up the Frente Amplio, which emerged from the student protests of 2011 and the Communist Party) had to first accept the deployment of security proper to his position. This due to signs of affection of the passers-by in downtown Santiago, an adhesion only comparable to that of former President Michelle Bachelet or, if you want to travel further back, to Salvador Allende.

The second was the gestures of the president Pinera that yesterday he had already had a telephone connection – televised for all of Chile – where he congratulated him and, incidentally, recalled that being president is a complicated position. Today he invited him to La Moneda for lunch, in a “republican” staging and where both were submitted to the protocols of this type of event.

But Boric was not alone, he was accompanied by his hard core of advisers: Giorgio Jackson, political coordinator and partner in student struggles for more than a decade and Izkia Siches, the charismatic former president of the Medical College who assumed in the final stretch as campaign manager.

“Welcome to La Moneda”

“Hey, welcome to La Moneda, have a very good management for Chile and the Chileans,” said Piñera before the cameras, and then give him a tour of a property that will become his center of operations since he assumes on March 11, 2022. “Governing is a great responsibility, but I think it will have the constructive support of all,” he assured him.

The attitude, totally opposite to that of the ruling party in these months of the campaign, where it was criticized from the style of dress (without a tie) to his economic project, through his alliance with the Communist Party or his past as a left-wing student leader, practically all leaders have offered to help in this process that will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a historical cycle in Chile.

Cabinet before January 22

After two hours of lunch, where the Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Delgado, the Secretary General of the Government, Jaime Bellolio and the Secretary of the Presidency, Juan José Ossa, the new president reported to the press what had been discussed:

“We talk about different topics, international matters, where it is important to have a policy of continuity in international relations, matters also related to the pandemic, the importance of the economic reactivation, budgetary issues and the concern that we have that it will not be installed in Chile. impunity regarding human rights violations ”.

He also pointed out that it was a meeting “with high sights” and a democratic gesture that does good for the country. “I am leaving in peace because we will have an orderly and institutional transfer of command, where the State apparatus makes itself available for democracy to work, and that is good news for Chile because it is something that perhaps one does not know how to appreciate until it is lost. , and we must value it and deepen it ”.

Boric also delivered his first definitions. One, outline your cabinet before March 22 without going back the parity criterion, giving prominence to women. Two: find a solution to those who, during the social outbreak, have been sued by the government due to the State’s Internal Security Law. On this issue, he acknowledged that “in Chile, unfortunately and despite efforts that were still made there is impunity both crimes in the dictatorship and today regarding the serious human rights violations due to the outbreak (…) One of the priorities of our government is that there be truth, justice and reparation and not repetition ”, he assured.

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On the cabinet with which the left will regain power in Chile, he explained: “Today we were reviewing that President Piñera appointed his cabinet for the second term on January 22, I hope I do not exceed that deadline. But it is also important to give certainty of what is coming, therefore we must act based on that (…) we do not have names, because I think it would be in bad taste to have had those conversations before yesterday’s victory was consolidated, but we will do everything possible for the processes to be quick and to carry out a check and counter check process, it is important not to make mistakes because Chile’s trust and vision towards the world are at stake. We will make every effort to do so as soon as possible (….) We are going to incorporate the best, the most capable, and there will be independents. And I would also like to have people from regions who understand the diversity and heterogeneity from our country. In the first round we saw a very different geographical reality and it is important that this is also integrated into the criteria ”.

The market, relentless with the left

The markets, of course, were unforgiving with the triumph of the young candidate. The dollar registered a rise of $ 35 (Chilean pesos), reaching $ 868.50 in March 2020 when the first cases of covid-19 began in the country. Is that lInvestors were much more comfortable with the Kast program that promised to shrink the State and lower taxes even more on large fortunes (and therefore on their companies).

However, the team of economists that has advised Boric has enough experience to advance its program in a phased and reasonable manner. Even with a new Congress where neither the right nor the left are in the majority, therefore, it will be necessary to dialogue and negotiate. Among the advisers, Andrea Repetto, Eduardo Engel, Stepbhany Griffit-Jones, Roberto Zahler and Ricardo French-Davis stand out, all of them with a center-left vision and great experience in study centers and previous governments.

“It seems to me that the democratic decisions of the Chilean people should not be subject to pressures that go along paths other than the democratic ones, but we are also clear about the work of the risk rating agencies, and how Chile maintained its classification despite all the product difficulties. of a tradition of seriousness and that we, as a candidate, have a commitment to fiscal convergence ”, the new president of Chile acknowledged in this regard this afternoon.

“We are going to work on the issue of pensions so that workers never again have to resort to their savings in crisis as deep as the pandemic was. It takes a structural pension reform. And there will be our priority, it is not to continue to break down, but to strengthen them, “he said.

The Boric program, which is why people crowded the squares of Chile in an atmosphere of merriment little seen in recent years, is a rudder that seeks to lead Chile towards a development model similar to that of the other countries. Nordic, with universal health and education system, move towards renewable energies, increase the tax burden on large companies and end the AFPs. The latter are the controversial pension funds that are privately managed and invested abroad without citizens – obliged to contribute a percentage of their salaries – receiving any profit, one of the bastions of the Constitution of 1980 that it is being rewritten these days and that during the first semester of 2022 it will have to be voted in an exit plebiscite. Another milestone for the new president of Chile.


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