Boric adds the support of international artists for ballotage in Chile

Gabriel boric adds support among various figures for the ballotage next Sunday in Chile. The Approve Dignity candidate showed videos of international figures on his networks. Joan Manuel Serrat, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Glover and Pedro Pascal expressed their support.

Joan Manuel Serrat, from Barcelona, ​​urged the candidate of the left to vote. “If I could, if they let me, if I were Chilean, I would get up early on the 19th and go to vote happily for Gabriel Boric. Think that the future is at stake and in your hands. Long live Chile, “said the singer-songwriter banned during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.

MortensenIn turn, he added: “In my opinion, it is a choice between the past and the future.” The actor raised in Argentina defined José Antonio Kast as “the candidate of regression and, therefore, the repression of a certain part of the people”. Mortensen considered that Boric is “the candidate of progression and therefore of the inclusion of all the people.” Justifying his support for the leftist candidate, he stated that “I prefer that Chile can advance instead of backward”.

Pedro Pascal, the Chilean actor who starred The Mandalorian and who was also seen in Game of Thrones, released a video in which he said: “I want to invite you to vote for a leader committed to democracy and to continue moving forward wholeheartedly”, alluding to Boric.

From Hollywood, he also joined Danny glover. The actor of the saga of Deadly weapon recorded a video in English. “I am concerned about what is happening in your country, where a man named Kast, an admirer of General Pinochet, wants to become president, “he tells the camera, while thanking that “Boric is there to stop Kast and his hateful message”.

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He asked that “vote for hope and democracy” as well as for “profound changes to the unjust system that Kast defends”. Finally urged to vote “as if the fate of their beautiful country depended on them, because this choice will determine the rest of their lives”.

The videos of international artists recall those of the 1988 plebiscite campaign, when the No to Pinochet prevented the dictator from remaining in power until 1997. Then, Jane Fonda and Christopher Reeve, among others, campaigned for the No to the dictator.


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