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Bordalás is not a coach who marries someone from his locker room. The coach usually relies on the heavyweights of the team, gives chevrons to as many players who he gives many opportunities and considers his ‘unit A’… But if they do not respond, have questionable attitudes or simply lower the level, do not hesitate to give them a touch of attention. The clear example in Valencia have been Maxi Gómez and Gonçalo Guedes.

Both have received their particular ‘touch’ from the technician, but let’s go by parts. Maxi Gomez, a rough player but who always tries to give his maximum, was Burned for not having chances and Bordalás was too because he considered that his player was not located where he asked: “I have told Maxi that he has to be much more in the area”. The Alicante man maintained confidence in his striker for ten days, but when he returned from his injury he had it two games on the bench, in addition to that in the press room he was more forceful with his performance: “He has to improve and help a lot more. “..And when he returned to ownership, Maxi scored a goal for Celta and his positioning was already another, very similar to the one Bordalás asks him to: Located in the area. The ‘touch’ worked.

Photo by Gonçalo Guedes

Valencia Shield / Flag

Something similar has happened with Gonçalo Guedes. The Portuguese knew from the first day through Bordalás that it was going to be important for the team, the coach it ‘saved’ the defensive work and he placed him in the lead and gave him stripes … And Guedes responded. However, Gonçalo is a player who sometimes suffers disconnections And although the coach has never lost confidence in him, he changed him in two consecutive games due to his losses (R. Sociedad and Rayo), until he definitively sent him to the bench against Celta. The fear that after the ‘bench’ Guedes would unplug existed, but Bordalás hit the key and Gonçalo himself showed that this season he wants to shine more than in others. In the first game he started after the bench his answer was the same as Maxi’s: A great goal and a very good game. Another touch that worked. I hope the technician does not have any more left.

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