Bordalás sends a clear message to the Getafe CF board of directors

The arrival of Bordalás at Getafe CF has taken the Azulón club out of relegation for the moment, but the continuity of the coach at the helm of the team depends on many other factors

In just a few weeks bordalas has achieved the unthinkable in the Getafe CF. The coach who managed to lead this same group of players to play in the Europa League just a few seasons ago has returned to the team to help them maintain their category. For the moment he has taken the first step, which is to get the team out of the relegation zone. And now there are only three more games left to end the suffering.

However, and although many consider that if he saves the team he will continue on the bench next season, the truth is that this is not the case. The coach was very clear with the directive when he closed his return: he would only return until the end of the season. Yes indeed, Bordalás left a door open to continue at Getafe CFalthough fulfilling a series of conditions.

Getafe CF has not sealed the continuity of Bordalás
Bordalás has not yet signed his continuity at the club

Bordalás’s conditions to continue leading Getafe CF

While Ángel Torres, president of the team, seeks to ensure the continuity of the coach, Bordalás has made it clear what his conditions are to continue in front of the team. The Madrid coach has demanded that the best players on the squad be retained, as he knows that many of the team’s heavyweights are aiming to leave.

Among these heavyweights are players like Enes Ünal, David Soria and Arambarri. Players who are key for the coach, who does not want to continue if he is not with a squad that allows him to compete face to face in one of the best leagues in Europe. However, it is not a condition that is easy for Getafe CF to meet.

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Ünal, Arambarri and Soria, keys to the future of the club

As we have just discussed, Bordalás is not willing to be left without his key players. In a meeting with the club’s president, he made it clear that his stay at Getafe CF is conditional on retaining the team’s best players. Players like Enes Ünal, David Soria and Arambarri are considered fundamental pieces in the coach’s tactical scheme, and his departure would be a serious blow to the sports project.

Enes Ünal, David Soria and Mauro Arambarri have great teams behind them, so their continuity seems complicated. Therefore, Bordalás’ continuity at Getafe CF also seems very complicated. Of course, at least the club will have served to stay one more season in the elite of Spanish football, having the opportunity to rebuild its squad and its sports project during the summer.

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