Home Sports Bordalás: “I couldn’t stay at home with my arms crossed”

Bordalás: “I couldn’t stay at home with my arms crossed”

Bordalás: "I couldn't stay at home with my arms crossed"

José Bordalás has recovered the illusion of the azulones. The coach with the most appearances in the history of Getafe in the First Division and with whom the team proudly toured Europe three years ago, returns in search of a complicated salvation, but that in the eyes of the fans is now much more feasible. A hundred fans received him on Friday night when he came to sign at the Coliseum and many more have been around the stadium for his first training session and presentation, which was given by Ángel Torres.

The president was full of praise for him: “If anyone could get him out, it’s him. He’s going to try and if he doesn’t, I’m already here to show that I’m the person in charge ”The response and enthusiasm of the people have been impressive:“ It’s logical. He did well, he had the opportunity to train in the First Division and we had some wonderful years. He wanted to grow and now it comes due to circumstances. He has had many proposals that he has rejected and whoever comes here to lend a hand is appreciated ”. Bordalás asked that affection be for everyone: “We need it,” he assured.

What are the reasons for Bordalás to return to Getafe? The technician explains them: “I have come out of love for him personally, who is my friend, and out of love for this team and these fans. He couldn’t sit idly by. I have to lend a hand with everyone’s help. It is a challenge and a moment to focus on the competition without thinking about anything else. It is complicated, but we will put all the effort and illusion. My commitment is always total”.

The objective is permanence and a very short time: “The key will be to add the necessary points for that salvation and for this you have to be united and be aware that it is not easy, but with work and unity it can be achieved ”. Ángel Torres continued: “I trust him and this dressing room. I do not bring a friend if I am not convinced that he can take it out ”. And Bordalás confirms it: “I know that it is a good dressing room and I know many of them. For me the most important game is the immediate one. It is against Espanyol that a lot is being played. There has been very little time to prepare it, but it is not an excuse. We have to support the team and with everyone’s effort we will achieve it. There are seven finals and tomorrow is the first”.

The coach spoke of the reception from the fans who idolize him: “It is a huge joy and I am very grateful. They have always been very good to me. The support from everyone at this club and from the fans is flattering. I would ask that this affection be transferred to the players. You have to be with the team. The boys are going to give everything for the team so that these expressions of affection can be extended to the footballers who need it more than me”.

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