Booster Doses: New Saudi Government Decision

Riyadh: The Saudi government has decided to make a booster dose in advance to avoid the rush at the Corona Vaccination Center.

Dr. Abdullah Asiri, a consultant infectious disease specialist at the Saudi Ministry of Health, said that the third dose of Corona vaccine could be taken as an appointment as a booster dose after 3 months.

He said that an appointment has been started for booster dose so that there would be no rush at the beginning of February 2022.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health had said that booster dose would be given after six months of complete vaccination but now the duration has been reduced to three months.

Expert Consultant Dr. Abdullah Asiri

The state Ministry of Health has made a new decision regarding appointments to avoid possible rush issues.

It should be noted that the Saudi Ministry of Health has provided free corona vaccination facility to the citizens of the kingdom and foreigners.

The Ministry of Health has provided special facility for vaccination to get ‘trust’ and ‘health’ time so that there is no crowd at the vaccination center.


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