Booster Dose: Britain approves booster dose against the original and Omicron variants of Corona, the first country to do so, why is it a big deal?

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UK New Booster Dose


  • UK approves new booster dose
  • Will work on Original and Omicron
  • Britain became the first country to do so

Booster Dose UK: The UK has approved a booster vaccine against Kovid-19 that is claimed to be effective against both the original and oomicron forms of the virus. With this the UK has become the first country to have approved such a vaccine. The country’s health officials announced this on Monday. The drug regulatory body MHRA said that it has approved the modern vaccine against the corona virus as it was found to meet the standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

The regulator said half (25 micrograms) of each dose of the booster vaccine ‘Spikevax Bivalent Original/Omicron’ works against the original form while the other half targets Omicron. MHRA Chief Executive Dr Jay Raine said she was pleased to announce the approval of a new booster vaccine that was found to be effective in clinical trials against Omicron as well as the 2020 original form.

Will help to prevent disease

He said the first generation of vaccines being used in Britain provides significant protection against disease and saves lives. He said that this vaccine, which works against two forms of the virus, is fully expected to help protect people from the disease as the virus continues to change. The regulator said that after a careful review of the evidence, the expert scientific advisory body and the Human Medicines Commission backed the decision to approve the booster vaccine in the UK.

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Along with this, the regulator also said that its decision is based on clinical trial data showing that the booster modern vaccine was found to be effective against Omicron as well as the 2020 original form. It was also found to be somewhat effective against ba.4 and ba.5 subforms of Omicron.

The threat of monkeypox has not decreased

Apart from the corona virus, monkeypox virus is also causing havoc in Britain. However, there are signs of a decrease in the cases of monkeypox right now. British health officials said on Monday that there are signs of a decrease in monkeypox cases across the country, but it is too early to say whether this decrease will continue. In a statement issued on Monday, the Health Protection Agency said that officials are reporting 29 new cases of monkeypox daily, compared to 52 new cases daily in the last week of June.

According to the statement, the assessment of officials in July was that the number of infected would double every two weeks. So far, there have been more than 3000 monkeypox cases in the UK, of which 70 percent are from London. The agency said that so far more than 27 thousand people have been vaccinated against smallpox. “Thousands of people who have been vaccinated by the National Health Service were at high risk and should have an effect on the spread of the virus,” the agency said.

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