Book about the founder of the crypto exchange: Apple puts down 5 million dollars

Many crypto investors can well remember the dramatic decline of the crypto exchange FTX. The once-prominent empire of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) completely collapsed in November 2022, turning the crypto landscape into a violent bloodbath. The unexpected collapse caused huge losses and put the cryptocurrency in an extremely bad light. The entire downfall of SBF is now being put on paper and tech giant Apple has bought the rights to the story.

Apple’s $5 million book deal

In May of this year, you may have already seen that a book was published about the whole crypto drama. The world-famous American writer Michael Lewis, known for classics such as “The Great Short Film” And “Moneyball”puts SBF’s demise on paper.

According to a recent report, Apple has won the bidding war for publishing rights to the book about the former founder and CEO of FTX. Apple is said to have paid up to $5 million for the rights.

The book with the title “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon”expected to be released on October 3rd. It is most likely not a coincidence that the criminal case against SBF is opened on the same day.

$5 million is an insane amount to pay for an unpublished book. Previous records include $6 million for The Da Vinci Code and $2 million for the first four films in the Harry Potter series.

In addition to this book, there are also rumors that a documentary is in the works.

Former crypto boss behind bars

The book focuses on a year in the life of SBF and, as the title suggests, details his rise, fall, arrest and extradition. SBF was arrested by police in the Bahamas in December and released on bail after a brief stint behind bars. He spent his time under house arrest at his parents’ home, but bail was recently revoked.

SBF was sent back to prison for not honoring the agreements made. He is said to have contacted witnesses in his case. Until his trial begins in October, SBF will have to live on bread and water.

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