Bomb report in Indian plane, panic among passengers

New Delhi: The report of a bomb in a passenger plane spread fear and panic among the passengers.

According to an Indian media report, chaos broke out at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport when an unknown person wrote on the back of the seat that there is a bomb on the flight from Jaisalmer to Delhi.

The bomb was reported by the woman, on which the air hostess and pilot were immediately informed, the plane was diverted from the main runway to a secluded area to deal with any untoward incident and after two hours of exhaustive searching. The ship was declared clear.

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The false bomb report was given on the Spicejet plane, which had 117 passengers on board, but there was no passenger on the seat where the threatening words were written.

After the incident, the police conducted an initial investigation, but they could not find any success as to who wrote these words behind the seat and why?

It may be recalled that in the month of October too, a Spicejet flight from Goa to Hyderabad was suddenly filled with smoke, the captain immediately reported to the control tower and sought permission for an emergency landing.

As soon as permission was given, the plane made an emergency landing at Shamsabad Airport, during which a female passenger was injured.

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