BOMB: PSG wants to sign Pedri at the request of Luis Enrique

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has unleashed a real madness in the transfer market after Kylian Mbappé’s refusal to renew his contract with the club. With the French star at the starting gate, PSG is desperately looking for new stars to reinforce their squad, and one of their biggest dreams is to get the services of Pedri González.

According to sources close to the Parisian club, reports from the ‘PSG Community’ portal ensure that PSG would be willing to activate a supposed termination clause of 110 million euros to sign Pedri during this summer transfer window. However, it seems that this information is not entirely accurate, since the young Spanish talent recently renewed his contract with FC Barcelona until 2026 and his termination clause has been set at the impressive figure of 1,000 million euros, as he has confirmed. SPORT.

Despite the fact that PSG’s interest in Pedri is not new, the French club had already explored the possibility of signing him weeks ago, communicating its interest through Héctor Peris, CEO of the Leaderbrock Sports agency, which represents the player. However, Pedri and FC Barcelona flatly rejected any negotiation with the Parisian team.

PSG’s desire to have Pedri dates back to before the crisis with Mbappé and the arrival of Luis Enrique as the club’s coach. The Parisian leaders viewed Pedri as a fundamental pillar for the future of the team, since at 20 years old, he has shown talent and maturity on the field that have made him one of the brightest young promises in European football.

However, the young man from the Canary Islands has not hesitated to reaffirm his commitment to FC Barcelona and has made it clear that his desire is to continue defending the Blaugrana shirt. Although PSG presented a dizzying offer, Pedri’s heart is at the Camp Nou, and a team change is not in his short-term plans.

For this story to take an unexpected turn, PSG would have to make an extremely tempting offer, beyond reason, and put a solution to FC Barcelona’s financial problems on the table. However, so far, that possibility has not materialized, and the chances of Pedri leaving Barça are practically nil.

In short, although PSG have reactivated their desire to sign Pedri, the talented Spanish midfielder seems unshakable in his loyalty to FC Barcelona. The young prodigy has shown his commitment to the club and his development at the culé entity is a priority for both him and the team. PSG can dream, but convincing Barça to part with their most precious jewel will not be an easy task.

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