BOMB: Marseille wants to hire Marcelo Gallardo

Marcelo Gallardothe successful Argentine coach, has become a prominent option to occupy the bench of the Olympic Marseille (OM), according to what Santi Aouna has advanced. Gallardo has taken his time to evaluate different offers and is in a period of reflection until the end of the season. OM is a highly valued team both by him and by his environment, which makes it an attractive option for the Argentine coach.

Gallardo is currently a free agent after expiring his contract with River Plate last December. He has received several important offers, such as those from Leeds United and Ajax, but he has turned them down with the aim of taking the reins of a team before the start of next season.

BOMB: Marseille wants to hire Marcelo Gallardo

Marseille are in search of a new top-level manager as they have managed to qualify for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League. Gallardo is highly regarded for his experience, his style of play and his impressive track record. During his time at River Plate, he has won two Copa Libertadores and one Copa Sudamericana, which demonstrates his ability to obtain results in international competitions.

Gallardo’s profile fits perfectly with what OM is looking for to lead the club’s sports project. His experience in international competitions, his vision of the game and his ability to manage groups of players have been highlights throughout his coaching career.

However, the competition to sign Gallardo will not be easy. Other clubs have also shown interest in his services, indicating the high level of recognition he has achieved in the world of football. Marseille will need to act quickly and present a solid proposal to convince Gallardo to join the team.

Marcelo Gallardo’s future as a coach is on hold while he evaluates the different options he has on the table. The OM has made clear its desire to have a top-level coach, and the name of Gallardo has become a very interesting possibility. The next few days will be key in determining whether the Argentine coach accepts the challenge of leading Olympique de Marseille in the UEFA Champions League and leading the club to further success on the European scene.

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