Boluarte rules out resigning and questions the Peruvian Congress

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, ruled out on Saturday that she is going to present her resignation, as several protests and some legislators in Congress have requested, and urged Parliament to approve the advancement of general elections as a measure to calm the violent demonstrations that They have left 20 dead, according to the government.

“There is a group that says ‘Dina, resign’, but what is resolved? The problem is not solved. We are going to stand firm here until Congress approves the early elections. We must stand firm to say no to violence… Others in their political vendettas are telling Dina to resign. And what is the alternative solution? Peru is not for political revenge,” Boluarte declared at a press conference, accompanied by his ministers and military and police commanders.

Boluarte questioned Congress for not having approved the early elections, one of the demands of the population, and demanded that parliamentarians “act towards the country”, without “excuses” or hide behind an abstention to not approve the cut of the mandate.

“Half measures do not solve problems, it is in your hands, congressmen. Don’t be blind, look at the population and act. (…) Be honest with the people, let them know who you want to stay, “the ruler demanded of Parliament.

“The ball of the early elections is in the court of Congress,” he reiterated.

Boluarte also announced that he will recompose the cabinet, which has already had two casualties due to the lethal protests: the Ministers of Education and Culture.

Speaking in Quechua —the native language spoken by 13.6% of Peru, especially in the protest areas— she asked for peace, claiming that she is a Peruvian just like them.

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The ministers and military and police commanders exposed the situation in the country in the midst of the demonstrations, which occurred after the removal of President Pedro Castillo last week.

The head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Manuel Gómez de la Torre, said that 53 highways had been blocked nationwide and that they were being released with the armed forces since the government declared a state of emergency.

Police Commander General Raúl Enrique Alfaro reported that more than 290 members of his institution were injured and that seven were kidnapped in these protests.

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