The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, celebrated this Thursday the purchase of Twitter by tycoon Elon Musk, an operation to which he attributed a sudden increase in the number of followers and of which he said that "changed the mood of Brazil".

"The people on the left shrieked. And from one day to the next the number of followers increased quite a bit, well above average"said the far-right president in his weekly broadcast via social networks.

In his opinion, this increase was due to "the algorithms were damming those people" right-wing because, as he said, with the profiles of "the people on the left altered very little, almost nothing".

"Already for the right-wing people it was a phenomenal leap"assured.

Since the owner of Tesla and Space X announced on Monday the purchase of Twitter for 44,000 million dollars, the profiles of various Bolsonaro allies, including those of the president himself and his sons, Senator Flavio and Councilman Carlos, saw their followers multiply. in the following days.

Technology specialists have warned that the vast majority of these new thousands of followers correspond to profiles that were created just since last Monday.

The far-right groups that support the Brazilian head of state celebrated on Monday the sale of Twitter to the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, which they interpreted as a gesture by the businessman. "in defense of freedom".

Bolsonaro, who is being investigated in the Supreme Court for spreading false news related to covid-19 and the electoral system, also seemed to be in tune with Musk when he shared the tycoon’s message in which he asked "his detractors follow on Twitter because that’s what freedom of expression means".

Since the Brazilian far-right leader took office in 2019, some technology platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, have removed his messages and videos for misinforming or being offensive, prompting the president to use more Telegram, which has more flexible rules.


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