Bolsonaro, again hospitalized for his intestine

From Brasilia

Brazil started the year a la Bolsonaro, with a high-impact story that left the country with its heart in its mouth (or perhaps not so much). The president was transferred urgently at dawn this Monday from the province of Santa Catarina, where he was spending his vacations, to San Pablo where he was admitted with severe pain in the abdomen that are “consequences” of the stabbing suffered in 2018 during the campaign electoral, assured the minister of Health, the doctor Marcelo Queiroga.

In the last medical report released at 8:00 p.m. by the Nova Star Hospital in São Paulo, it was reported that the president, affected by an intestinal obstruction, does not suffer pain, showed an “improvement” throughout the day and was able to leave the bed to take a few steps. Journalists and some supporters of the governor directed their glances towards the fifteenth floor of the medical center where the 66-year-old patient was housed, who was fed with a tube and prescribed medications, while awaiting the arrival of surgeon Anonio Luiz Macedo, his doctor from headland, which was in the Bahamas. It will be this professional who, after analyzing the studies and personally examining the patient, will inform, it is expected with more details, about their health status.

Macedo has been attending Bolsonaro since September 2018 when the attack with a knife occurred in Juiz de Fora, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, an important event for the development of the campaign that concluded with the victory of the ex-far-right military officer against Fernando Haddad, of the Workers’ Party, from the left, partner of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. According to estimates, the doctor Macedo should arrive in São Paulo at two in the morning on Tuesday from the Bahamas, where a plane was sent.

“It is still not possible to say if the president will need to undergo surgery, the surgeon is me and the one who is going to decide is me, I need to do a clinical examination,” Macedo told the Valor Economico newspaper in the afternoon, a medium that reports and expresses the position of investors and bankers.

The São Paulo Stock Exchange, which closed the day down 0.86 percent, at 103,921 points, did not seem too startled by the news about the governor’s health.

Bolsonaro’s clinical picture, which has 22 percent voting intentions, matters to the financial establishment and the political world just over nine months before the elections in which he will seek his second term against Lula, the former PT president who has 48 percent electoral support.

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While more precise and extensive medical information was awaited, a photograph of the president lying on a stretcher with a probe was released, an image similar to the one released in July last year when he was rushed from a military hospital in Brasilia to Nova Star San Pablo, also with hiccups and a picture of intestinal obstruction. The first lady, Michelle, an intense evangelical with growing political influence, said on social media she said that “God is good and is in control of all things.”


From the opposition the news was received with some sarcasm. Deputy Rogerio Correa, from the Workers’ Party, commented that “today, on the first working day of the year, Bolsonaro presented a medical certificate for the holidays. For someone who has a reputation for not liking work, we can only say #BolsonaroVago” .

That same hashtag was one of the most reproduced on Twitter last week when criticism of the former captain rained down for not having visited the more than 90,000 displaced by the floods in the northeastern state of Bahia, and preferring to continue with his long end of the year holidays on the beaches of southern Santa Catarina. Before that, he had spent other days off to receive Christmas on the beaches of San Pablo, where he walked without a chinstrap and neglected the vaccination against the coronavirus.

Andre Trigueiredo, deputy of the Partido Democrático Trabalhista, wished the president who had been transferred urgently from Santa Catarina to São Paulo for a speedy recovery, without forgetting that “his aversion to work is impressive.”

After being admitted to the São Paulo private hospital in the early hours of this Monday, the patient tested negative in a routine coronavirus test after having been together last week with a deputy who shortly after was diagnosed with the ailment that already caused the disease. death of 619 thousand Brazilians and infected more than 22.2 million.

Bolsonaro was not vaccinated against covid19 and in such condition he traveled last year to the United Nations Assembly in New York, in September and in October to the Summit of the Group of 20 in Rome. Due to his non-immunized condition, he was prohibited from entering a restaurant in New York and some personalities in Rome avoided shaking hands.

As happens around the aftermath of the stabbing, the information given by Bolsonaro about the covid is never completely transparent, as evidenced by the fact that he ordered to keep his vaccination certificate secret for a hundred years (yes, a hundred).


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