Bollywood Rumors Debunked: No Signs of ‘Children of Stars’ Movie in the Works

Actress Moushumi Regrets Lack of Female Talent in Bangladeshi Cinema

Bangladeshi actress Moushumi, known for her iconic roles in films, has expressed her disappointment at the lack of female talent in the country’s cinema industry. In a recent video interview, she lamented that despite the popularity of stars like Shabana, Babita, Kabri, Jasim, Farooq, and Alamgir, their children have not followed in their footsteps.

A Different Picture in Hollywood and Bollywood

Moushumi pointed out that in Hollywood and Bollywood, the children of popular actors and actresses often pursue careers in the film industry. However, this is not the case in Bangladesh, where artists often discourage their daughters from becoming heroines.

Ankhi Alamgir’s Story

Moushumi cited the example of Ankhi Alamgir, daughter of actor Alamgir, who acted in the movie "Bhat De" and gained attention. However, her brother did not allow her to continue her acting career. Moushumi praised Ankhi’s talent, saying that she would have made a great heroine.

Champa’s Daughter

Moushumi also mentioned Champa’s daughter, who is also interested in acting but has not been encouraged by her mother. This is not an isolated incident, as many daughters of artists are not allowed to pursue careers in the film industry.

Doel Apa’s Exception

Moushumi praised Doel Apa, who was an exception in supporting his daughter, Prarthana Fardeen Dighi, in her acting career. Doel Apa had planned to prepare Dighi to become a heroine, but unfortunately, Dighi was unable to maintain her place in the industry.

Moushumi’s Personal Experience

Moushumi herself did not bring her children into the film industry, although her son produced a film a few years ago. Her daughter is currently busy with her studies. Moushumi is currently living in the United States, where she has been involved in stage shows and the shooting of a new movie, "Ardhangini", opposite actor Tariqul Islam Mithu.

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Moushumi’s regret highlights the lack of support and opportunities for female talent in Bangladeshi cinema. Her personal experience and the stories of other actresses, such as Ankhi Alamgir and Prarthana Fardeen Dighi, demonstrate the challenges faced by women in the industry.

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