Bollywood actresses who married at a young age, the result was divorce

Thousands of girls come to Mayanagari every day to dream of becoming an actress in the light of Bollywood. It is not easy to shine among thousands. In such a situation, after so much effort, when fame comes to life, think that then the spark of love awakens in the heart … then what to do. There are many such actresses in Bollywood who decided to get married at a very young age, but their love did not last long and the result of their marriage was divorce. On this list, check out those Bollywood actresses who decided to get married at a very young age but were unsuccessful in maintaining that relationship.

Dimple, who was obsessed with the charm of Rajesh Khanna, kept her career aside and married at the age of 16. During that time, Rajesh Khanna was 15 years older than Dimple. But the age difference created a problem here and the two broke up. But Dimple supported Rajesh Khanna in his last moments.

Bollywood actress Chitrangada also got married at age 25. This love affair with Chitrangada, who fell in love with Jyoti Randhawa, did not last long and they divorced in 2014.

This love of Hrithik Roshan came to the end of the marriage. They were both one of the cutest couples in Bollywood, but according to media reports, Hrithik’s deception created a rift in their relationship. The couple had made the decision to marry at a very young age.

Amrita’s name is added to this list because Amrita married at the right age, but because she was much younger than him. Saif Ali Khan was 21 years old during the marriage. They both also have two children. Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, but both decided to divorce after getting angry due to the daily fights.

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