Bolivia: Luis Arce promulgated the census law

Bolivian President Luis Arce promulgated this Friday the law that guarantees the completion of the Population and Housing Census in March 2024 with which his government managed to overcome the conflict of 36 days of unemployment that he had with the right-wing opposition.

Santa Cruz, the country’s economic engine and stronghold of the right-wing and far-right opposition, began a confrontation with the central government two months ago to demand that the census that was due to be carried out in 2022 be brought forward to 2023, and was postponed for technical reasons, due to the fact that the national survey would update the legislative representation and the amount of state funds that Santa Cruz receives, based on a number of inhabitants that it considers to be higher than that handled by the latest official statistics.

The national Executive had already decided by decree that this survey would be on March 23, 2024. However, the opposition, in an attempt that seemed destined to lower its claims without being too noticeable, demanded that the Government make that date legalwhich finally happened on Friday morning, after approval in Parliament.

That same Friday, before announcing the enactment of the law, Arce referred to losses caused by the 36-day strike in the province of Santa Cruz. In his address, he reviewed the negotiation between representatives of Santa Cruz and the Government, and the economic damage of the protests in that province, which he estimated at $1.2 million.

“It does not violate competitions”

“The law that was approved in Congress is not from the right, it was raised by the left, and it does not violate powers. It is a law for the application of census results,” Arce said in a conference broadcast on the state channel Bolivia TV.

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However, the resolution of the conflict received criticism from former Bolivian President Evo Morales. “We warn that behind the return of the neoliberal pactocracy, the impunity pact in exchange for governability is hidden. The opportunism and ambitions of a few have subjected our elected government with 55.11% to the control of the minority benches of the right,” Morales complained on Twitter.

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