Bolivia: Investigate the death of the state controller of a bank

The Bolivian justice system opened an investigation into the death of the controller of Banco Fassil de Santa Cruz, Carlos Colodro, who fell from the 15th floor of a building where his office was located. The police found the body of the 55-year-old man on the sidewalk in front of the bank building on Saturday night, which had been seized in April for lack of solvency in a decision that prevented the withdrawal of money from clients.

The Government Minister, Carlos del Castillosaid at a press conference that in the report of The autopsy identified the cause of death as “traumatic shock, with multiple lacerations to the internal organs and polytrauma resulting from the fall”. Del Castillo mentioned that the investigators found a two-page handwritten letter in Colodro’s office and that the pertinent tests will be carried out to certify the veracity of the letter.

The attorney for the inspector’s family, Jorge Valda, told the media that “not all injuries appear to have occurred at the same time”, since the inspector had torn clothes, injuries to his back, some “blunt punches” in addition to the absence of an eyeball. In statements to the Kawsachun Coca radio station, former president Evo Morales He was “surprised” by Colodro’s death and said that the fact “raises a lot of suspicion.”

Colodro had his last public appearance this Friday to announce that from Monday the pending wages would begin to be paid to Banco Fassil workers. At the end of last month, the government appointed an auditor in the bank so that other financial institutions can take charge of customer deposits and carry out the “migration” of accounts and other services.

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The Financial System Supervision Authority (ASFI) attributed the crisis at Banco Fassil to the “bad practices of its executives and managers and, above all, the irregular management of the commercial and business businesses of the shareholders and managers of its group business”. For this reason, several of the main executives of the entity were criminally prosecuted and are in jail.

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