Bolivia Coup Attempt: Four New Arrests Made Amid Ongoing Political Unrest

Bolivia: Attempted Coup D’état Repercussions Continue

The government of Bolivia has announced four new arrests, bringing the total number of people detained to 21, including the three top former commanders of the armed forces, in connection with the attempted coup d’état.

New Arrests Bring Total to 21

The latest arrests were announced on Friday, with authorities stating that the plan was led by General Juan José Zúñiga, former head of the Army, who was arrested on Wednesday. According to Bolivian Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo, the 21 individuals arrested did not act alone, and that General Zúñiga was not the only one involved in the plot.

Military Leaders Implicated

According to official information, the three commanders of the Army, Navy, and Air Force were involved in the siege of the presidential headquarters on Wednesday, along with troops and tanks. The authorities have not provided further details on the involvement of the military leaders.

Zúñiga Claims President’s Involvement

General Zúñiga has claimed that President Luis Arce himself asked him to orchestrate the coup to help increase his popularity against his possible rival in the 2025 elections, Evo Morales. However, President Arce has denied this claim, calling it outrageous and an attempt to implicate him in the plot.

Government Responds

The government has continued to respond to the attempted coup, with President Arce denying that it was a self-coup and the police arresting more people suspected of being involved. The authorities have not provided further information on the investigation or the potential consequences for those involved.

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