Bogotá is heading to recover economic activity from before the pandemic

With a 6% growth in the economy and in the midst of a dynamic supported by productivity, internationalization, digital transformation and sustainability of its companies, Bogotá is heading to recover the economic activity it had before the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated to Efe by the president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB), Nicolás Uribe, who through the entity on Friday recognized more than a thousand capital entrepreneurs for their "contribution to development, employment and its resilience during the strongest months of the covid-19 pandemic". Uribe stressed that, "despite a 2021 with systematic closures, two months of unemployment that prevented the development of business activity, demonstrations, sabotage of transport and the fear of those who wanted to make consumption and investment decisions, and today we are saying that Colombia will grow with the highest percentage of the last hundred years".

"In 2021 we have 470,000 companies that are active, of which 82,000 are new and if we look at it with perspective, what we see is a heroic effort of the business sector that is the result of all these achievements from the hand of official policies that it believes in them", said the executive. Projection "the effort made especially by micro, small and medium-sized companies in Bogotá and the region to stay in the market, regain employment and thereby contribute to economic development at this juncture". He added that the unemployment rate in the Colombian capital is 11.8%, which translates into 695,000 fewer unemployed compared to October 2020, so the challenge is to recover the dynamics that will allow it to improve and bring it to the levels of 2019.

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The book was also presented "The business community of Bogotá and the region: strength and resilience in times of crisis", which exposes the social and economic context that Colombia experienced during the strongest months of the pandemic, as well as the lessons learned from the business sector to face such adverse scenarios as the one unveiled by the coronavirus. The text also highlights the role of the Chamber of Commerce to mitigate the negative effects of the economy on companies in the city and the region, and how it had to transform its offer and portfolio to adapt to the new reality. Among the lessons learned in the book is the flexibility that production systems must have to prevent future pandemics or crises from interrupting industrial, commercial and service activities.


During 2021, the CCB provided more than 379,504 services and attended more than 205,314 businessmen and entrepreneurs, more than 137,000 assistances to online and virtual training services, 13% more compared to 2020. In addition, it provided 194,000 consultancies in business management (marketing, financial, among others), 7% more compared to 2020. Through the electronic commerce platform Bazzarbog linked to 1,700 companies, 66% more than the previous year and negotiated 4,969 active companies, registering a growth of 61% compared to 2020 This year it also launched the first line of credit Create, achieving so far this year more than a thousand companies impacted with 1,721 credit operations.


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