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Bodyguard Shera protects Salman Khan from all dangers, you will be surprised to know his annual earnings!

Salman Khan is under discussion these days. According to media reports, gangster Lawrence Vishnoi threatened to kill Salman Khan, after which the actor’s security was tightened. Today we will tell you in whose hands Salman Khan’s security is and how much money he is given for this. Responsibility for Salman Khan’s safety rests with his bodyguard Shera, who sees the actor as a shadow.

Once in an interview, Shera had also said that he does not walk beside or behind Salman Khan, but ahead so that he can withstand the coming danger. According to media reports, Shera names Salman Khan as the owner. Shera once said in an interview that “Maalik means Guru, Salman Malik is everything to me, I can sacrifice my life for him, he is my God.”

Let us tell you that Shera has been the runner-up of Mr. Mumbai Junior in 1987 and Mr. Maharashtra Junior in 1988. Not only this, before becoming Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Shera has also taken care of the security of many international celebrities. like Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Jackie Chan etc.

Now the question arises how much salary Shera, who is in charge of Salman Khan’s security, receives in exchange for her work. According to media reports, Shera earns Rs 2 crore a year. At the same time, Shera also runs her own security agency in Mumbai.

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