Bodyboarding man killed by shark in California

A man was killed by a shark off the seaside resort of Morro Bay, California (United States) on Friday. The victim, who was bodyboarding, was unconscious when she was taken out of the water, ABC News reports.

The tragedy occurred shortly before 11 a.m., local police said in a statement. It was a surfer present at the scene who saw the lifeless man in the water. She then brought him back to the sand and alerted the emergency services. Despite their efforts, the latter did not succeed in resuscitating the victim.

Bitten by a white shark?

No witnesses witnessed the attack. Experts say the man was killed by a white shark bite. The authorities have decided to keep the beaches open. They nevertheless advised residents not to enter the water for 24 hours after the attack.

According to figures from the Global Shark Attack File, this would be the first fatal shark attack in the United States this year. In 2020, there had been 33 attacks on American beaches, including three fatal.

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