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Body recovered from dirty fridge, woman arrested

According to the international website, Christy McNeil, a 40-year-old woman, is accused of failing to properly care for her 3 dogs and 2 cats, leading to the tragic death of one dog and the condition of two other dogs.

According to media reports, in November 2019, an unidentified caller told a Scottish organization, the SSPCA, that Christie was not taking proper care of her animals.

When SSPCA officials arrived at the woman’s home, they found the house very dirty and smelled of animal droppings and urine. The animals in the house also lived in the same disorder, while their health was also very bad.

When the home’s refrigerator was opened, officials were shocked to discover that the body of a dog named Cooper was stored in the refrigerator. The corpse was so rotten that it was difficult to tell what breed of dog it was.

SSPCA staff removed the other animals and sent Cooper’s body to the forensic department, according to the forensic report, the dog died due to internal organs malfunctioning.

The investigation revealed that the dog was not given a good diet or proper care, causing its nails to grow, which were crooked inside its paws.

When the case went to court, there were many shocking revelations, with the woman admitting that between September 24, 2019 and November 24, 2019, she did not see anyone at her home.

According to the woman, her three children, her pet and her elderly mother, who suffered from dementia, were fighting at the time. The woman’s lawyer told the court that, of course, she paid no attention to anyone, but that there was a reason behind that. Meanwhile, the woman was out of a violent relationship.

The lawyer said the woman did not do it on purpose, but suffered from depression.

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