Body of stowaway found on plane in Amsterdam

The body of a stowaway was found Monday morning at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, in the landing gear of a plane from Toronto, the Dutch constabulary said.

The plane “probably made other stops”, notably in Lagos (Nigeria), Robert van Kapel, spokesman for the constabulary, told AFP. Employees discovered the body of a man on Monday morning when they wanted to start working in a hangar, he said.

The KLM airline plane came from Toronto (Canada) and would have stopped in Lagos before that. “An investigation is underway,” added Van Kapel, unable to give more information on the identity of the man, or specify where he had started his journey. “Incidents like this happen sporadically,” the spokesperson said.

A stowaway had last year survived a 9,000 km journey between Johannesburg and Amsterdam, hidden in the nose landing gear of a cargo plane. In 2021, border police discovered the body of a Nigerian in the landing gear of a plane arriving at Amsterdam-Schiphol.

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