Home Sports Boca will have problems with their new coach

Boca will have problems with their new coach

Boca will have problems with their new coach

While awaiting the arrival of Diego Martínez on the Boca Juniors bench, a legal conflict arose with his former club Huracán. The president of Huracán, David Garzón, has announced his intention to terminate the coach if he does not pay the amount provided for in his contract for possible termination.

Dissatisfaction with Huracán arose when Diego Martínez resigned from his position without prior notice, putting the club in a complicated situation. Garzón stated that they are ready to assert their rights and not give in on the matter. According to the contract, the compensation requested by Huracán amounts to around $300,000, including the advance payment for the signing of the contract and the remaining six months’ salary for the technician, as Infobae announced.

The situation is very tense

Garzón expressed his discomfort, saying: “We finished the year with a technician and without eating or drinking he left, he didn’t respond… We have no other choice. We will fight this and will use all appropriate legal means until then.”

The situation has become even more tense as Boca Juniors has already taken the agreement with Diego Martínez for granted, which could complicate his arrival at the club if he is involved in a legal dispute with Huracán.

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