After almost 10 years the government of the Province of Buenos Aires organized a football match of high sporting importance and with the public of both teams in which it carried out a strong security operation.

It was about the Boca – Racing for the semifinal of the League Cup on the field of Club Atlético Lanús, which was attended by more than 33,000 people. Both the entry and exit of campuses and supporters, as well as the development of the party, could develop normally.

The operation was directed from the 2nd police station. de Lanús and had a total of 1,033 troops. Of which there were 34 patrolmen, 216 members of the infantry corps and 24 cavalry; The Special Operations Force (FOE) also participated with 129 troops from the GAD, the Province’s Immediate Operations Tactical Unit (UTOI) and the Motorized Prevention Group (GPM); in addition to members of Intelligence, Scientific Police, Communications and Social Services. The Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports made 15 troops available to the operation.

In the Province, the matches with the public of both teams began to be prohibited in 2013, and although, during Independiente’s passage through Nacional B, as well as in some matches of different editions of the Argentine Cup, meetings with both biases took place , yesterday’s game is more important because of the importance of the match, because of the semi-final stage and because it is Boca and Racing, two great Argentine soccer players who attract a lot of fans.

The result of the deployment of the operation of the province of Buenos Aires concluded in the transfer of both the teams, as well as the referees and the public without major shocks with the identification of 427 people and the transfer of 21 of them to the Police Station. This challenge with positive results allows the provincial government headed by Axel Kicillof to think about the return of the visiting public to the Buenos Aires courts.


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