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Boca Juniors: Villa spoke from Colombia and insists with a sale

Colombian striker Sebastián Villa clarified that his departure from Argentina, in the midst of a conflict of interest with Boca Juniors, “was due to a family issue” and that he will never be “ungrateful” to the club.

From his native country, where he accompanies his mother in the transit of an illness, the Colombian made a post on Instagram in which he admits that he raised his desire for “personal, family and professional growth” to the leaders.

Boca systematically rejected all the offers made by the footballer, who suddenly traveled to Colombia due to his mother’s illness, which was interpreted as retaliation for the obstacles to his transfer.

“As a result of the different versions related to my leaving the country, I want to express that it was due to a family issue, the health of my mother in this case, who today thanks to God is improving every day. This makes me very happy and very calmer, “Villa wrote along with a photo that shows him with his mother and two doctors in surgical clothing.

“In sports, I want to make it clear that at no time will I be ungrateful to Boca, on the contrary. I will be eternally grateful to the club and its fans. I am very happy every time I have to wear these colors and I will continue to be,” he said .

“I just want to clarify that I always spoke face to face with the people who had to do it and raised personal, family and professional growth. I don’t want to stop thanking the people who cared about my mother’s health, what it is really important, to colleagues and friends, “he concluded.

On the other hand, coach Miguel Russo tested a line of three defenders and it is very possible that he will form in this way to visit Estudiantes de La Plata on Sunday for the 6th. date of the Professional League.

The coach put a line of three defenders with Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojo like the one he used against River when he qualified -in definition by penalties- to the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup. The possible team would then be with Rossi; Zambrano, Rojo, Izquierdoz; Advíncula, D. González, Rolón, Ramírez, Fabra; Briasco, Pavón.

Boca will train on Saturday from 10 am at Casa Amarilla, in the Pedro Pompilio complex, and then the team will be concentrated in a hotel in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Monserrat.

The results of the swabs performed on the squad were all negative, for the reassurance of players and coaching staff, since there was concern about the positive test of the reserve goalkeeper Agustín Lastra, since the footballer had concentrated with the first team in order to last week.

The novelty for Sunday will be that Boca will release a shirt, a model similar to the one he wore in 1981, since that day marks 40 years of the consecration as champion of the Metropolitan tournament, the only title that Diego Maradona achieved in Argentine football.


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