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Boca Juniors tries with Sergio Ramos

Boca Juniors tries with Sergio Ramos

The Argentine soccer market has taken an unexpected turn with rumors that Sergio Ramos is being targeted by Boca Juniors. The Xeneize team dreams of shaking the foundations of Argentine football and exploiting a desire of a world football legend: to wear the yellow and blue shirt and play in the iconic La Bombonera stadium.

After the recent incorporation of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of Boca Juniors, seems to have another former soccer star in mind to achieve a clear goal: to win the long-awaited seventh Copa Libertadores for the club.

The news was confirmed by the well-known journalist of TyC Sport, Damián Villagra, who assures that Boca Juniors would be willing to offer Sergio Ramos an 18-month contract. The Spanish defender is known for his leadership, experience and ability on the pitch, and his arrival in Argentina would be an unprecedented event in local football history.

The possibility of seeing Sergio Ramos wearing the Boca Juniors shirt has caused a stir among the fans, who dream of seeing him defend the club’s colors at the Bombonera. Undoubtedly, his inclusion would bring a plus of quality and experience to the team, as well as undisputed leadership on the pitch.

It won’t be easy due to the player’s huge salary

Although the operation is not easy, given the player’s prestige and curriculum, the interest of the Argentine club and the desire of Sergio Ramos could pave the way for this historic transfer to become a reality.

Argentine football awaits, eager to witness this possible ‘summer bombshell’. If Boca Juniors manages to finalize the signing of Sergio Ramos, the team led by Miguel Ángel Russo would be significantly strengthened in its quest to be crowned again in the top continental competition.

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