Boca Juniors: Leyendeker visited Zeballos at the clinic

Boca attacker Exequiel Zeballos, seriously injured in the Copa Argentina match that Boca beat Agropecuario in Salta, was visited this Friday by the player who injured him, defender Milton Leyendeker, and then left the clinic where he was hospitalized. .

“Zeballos surprised me, he is a spectacular kid, he was very worried about what happened, I wanted to see him. I apologized, I came for that,” Leyendeker explained in dialogue with the media stationed at the clinic where the man from Santiago was hospitalized.

In this context, the 24-year-old Leyendeker from Santa Fe approached the La Trinidad Sanatorium very early in San Isidro, and after spending half an hour at the entrance door, he received authorization to go to Zeballos’s room at 8 o’clock. :twenty.

“I noticed him with great encouragement, he received me very well and I only have words of thanks. I was anguished when I found out about Exequiel’s medical part, I was not interested in anything else, nor the sanction that they will give me,” added the defender, who due to the severity of Zeballos’ injury, he received a very harsh sentence from the AFA Disciplinary Court, which suspended him “provisionally for all competitions”, which includes the First National tournament, where Carlos Casares’ team is twenty-fifth ( over 38 clubs).

The defender, whose pass belongs to Newell’s Old Boys and is on loan at Agropecuario, of the First National, committed a disqualifying foul on Zeballos at 6 minutes of the match played against Boca in Salta, which led to his leaving the field, subsequent transfer to a hospital and as soon as the surgical intervention returned to Buenos Aires.

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“Zeballos told me that these are things that can happen, that he knows there was no bad intention and that left me calm, he was really worried,” Leyendeker concluded.

The juvenile, who was discharged around 9:30, underwent surgery by Dr. Jorge Batista on the joint of the tibia and fibula of his right leg (doctors reported that he suffered an injury to the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis with injury of the ankle ligament) and will be inactive for four to six months, meaning he will not play again this year.

According to the official medical report issued by Boca, Zeballos will assume an estimated inactivity higher than what they had indicated yesterday, which was between three and four months. “Zeballos presented a good post-surgical evolution. He will be resting until next week and is not immobilized. He will have to complete three weeks without support and three weeks with partial support (using crutches) to then complete the rehabilitation work,” the medical report stated. issued by Boca.

The 20-year-old Zeballos from Santiago made his debut in Boca’s Primera in November 2020 in a win over Newell’s (2-0 with a double by Colombian Cardona) and has made a total of 46 appearances for the club, having scored five goals.

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