Boca Juniors beat Atlético Tucumán with a dream night for Langoni

The victory against Defense and Justice had generated some expectation in Boca’s path in the Professional League, especially from the numbers rather than from football. The arrival of the leader Atlético Tucumán at the Bombonera allowed him to reduce the distance that separated them in the table.

The start of the game against the Tucumanos showed some improvement in relation to what had been exhibited in Varela, but slowly it was diluted and the lack of answers appeared once again.

Atlético showed a lot of firmness in the defensive zone, and when they advanced on the field they created more danger than the local team. Even in one of those attacks, Lotti was able to hit a delivery from the left in advance of Rossi, and thus converted the visitors’ goal.

The Tucuman team is very clear about what it intends to accomplish on the field, and its interpreters are in solidarity with each other to help each other permanently. Between Carrera and Lotti they organize themselves to lead the offensive circuit, and the rest of the midfielders frequently reach the opponent’s area.

Although it does not have flashy names, the pointer has a clear idea and carries it out with solvency. On the other side, the opposite happens. Boca has not yet been able to reveal the football that it wants to carry out, and everything is subject to some individual action that can solve the problems. In that sense, Villa was the one who contributed a great play in Varela so that the victory came in the end.

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The strategy was summed up to throwing centers into the area so that Vázquez or the admitted Benedetto could connect one and make a profit. Precisely, in one of those actions Benedetto crashed a header on the crossbar, after Vázquez also managed to hit with his head in the first instance.

The coach Ibarra looked for more inventiveness with the young Langoni, and the youth had a sudden appearance when he scored the tie with a cross header, after an assist from Villa.

The young man was not satisfied with that play and went in search of another decisive participation: he got it ten minutes later with a right shot, after capturing the rebound at the door of the area, and Lampe could not avoid the home team’s second goal. And Boca turned around a game that seemed lost.

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