Boca sold out the remaining two thousand tickets for adherent members, and the quota of 28 thousand seats enabled for the match against Lanús was completed, from 8.15pm, by the 15th. date of the Professional League.

The last game with an audience in La Bombonera was on March 10, 2020, in the local 3-0 win over Independiente Medellín, and the stadium will open the doors to its fans again in the match against Lanús, who exhausted the reserves of the 50 percent enabled by the sanitary capacity.

Subscriber registration on the website began on Thursday, and membership registration on Friday, which lasted about an hour. Each had to mention which rostrum they wanted to attend and then at 1:30 p.m. it reopened with a remnant.

There were complaints about the social networks of partners who could not connect, or did not achieve the goal of getting their permission or ticket. The grandstands for the members are the low, medium and high North headwaters and the low middle and high South headwaters.

Regarding the subscribers, the sectors are the low, medium and high central tray, the K sector in part of the North end and the three floors of the box that face Del Valle Iberlucea street. The Alberto J. Armando stadium will open at 5:00 p.m., and there will be a special operation of about a thousand security men outside and inside it.

If the agreement with the security agencies is respected, there will be about 28 thousand qualified people. The stadium has a capacity for 56 thousand people and Boca, according to an April AFA report, has 213,318 between active and adherents, and the aggregate of 8,832 for life. In this way, it is the club with more members than those who play the Professional League.

On the footballing level, the team has just lost the Superclásico, adds 21 points in the domestic tournament and was nine from the top. That defeat was not the only thing that kept Boca from the fight for the title, it was also influenced by the punishment of the Professional League board of directors that forced him to play twice with boys from the Reserve division, in the tie against Banfield (0 -0) and the defeat with San Lorenzo (2-0), for the second and third dates.

The changes in the starting team will be four. Those who will enter will be Weigandt, Lisandro López, Montes and Briasco, and those who will leave will be Advíncula (with the Peruvian National Team), Rojo (suspended), Diego González and Pavón. The last two will be for tactical reasons. The Colombian Cardona will continue as a starter, taking into account that he only played 16 minutes against River.

Lanús, for his part, still wants to fight with 26 points, four less than River and three below Talleres de Córdoba, although to achieve this he will have to find a balance, since he stars in very good performances with other disappointing ones.



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