Boca de Ibarra and a win "tiny" against Atlético Tucumán

The last time that Boca and Atlético Tucumán had seen each other’s facesthe first was still adjusting after Battaglia’s departure and Ibarra was facing his fifth game as DT, while the second was nothing less than the leader of the League. Xeneize ended up winning 2-1 with a consecration double from Langonigiving rise to the so-called SEO notes of the style “Who is Luca Langoni, the new hero of Boca?”, and Ibarra’s team began to build the path that would have it as League champion, purely as a result and with an unconvincing performance.

Almost five months later, Boca de Ibarra repeated the formula. This Sunday night at La Bombonera, they beat Atlético Tucumán 1-0 thanks to their effectiveness and left behind the two lost finals with Racing that carried on the back.

With Langoni strangely on the bench, Boca’s news was from one end to the other. Sergio “Chiquito” Romero made his debut in goal, filling the void left by Agustín Rossi after his unfriendly departure from the club and was well received by the local public. The National Team’s record goalkeeper combined some bad aerial shots in the first half with a crucial save in the second half, one-on-one with Estigarribia, and ended up passing his first exam.

At the other end, the new face was that of Nicolás Orsini, but more because of the surprising look that the striker presented, with dreadlocks/braids tied with hair tails that sounded like extensions. But its image was not the only novelty of the tank, since he was very active and even fast, generating the greatest amount of applause that were heard on the night of the Bombonera.

Between one area and the other, what Boca offered was very little. Pol Fernández and Varela were erratic as few times and the team felt it. Out of supplies, Óscar Romero, Villa and Orsini had to manage as best they could in attack. The first two trying their luck at set pieces and the third fighting with whatever rival comes his way.

Of course, we must not forget that in front was Lucas Pusineri’s Atlético Tucumán, a team that is usually called “serious”, Qualifier that is used when it is necessary to highlight the excellent performance despite the lack of glittering names and budgetary resources. The Dean, with some very interesting De la Fuente and Tesuri on the right and the always wise task of “Bebe” Acosta in the middle, It was the best team on the field until it began to fall in love with the tie.

The thing was to end without movements on the scoreboard, but As often happens with Ibarra’s team, if he survives a weak start to the game, victory becomes inevitable. And with 20 minutes to go he found an unbeatable counterattack: a hit from the bottom, Orsini who combed it with his dreadlocks and Villa who went at speed. The Colombian sent the pass to the middle, all the Deans passed by and Óscar Romero arrived to define the right wing and celebrate like Topo Gigio in front of Riquelme’s boxa nod to the idol and vice de Boca who blessed him by telephone the previous one, according to the Guarani.

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