Boca celebrated again against Barracas and climbed to the top of the table

Boca Juniors temporarily reached the top of the first division championship of the Professional Soccer League by beating Barracas Central, which played at home on an All Boys field with poor playing field conditions.

Boca and Barracas Central staged an even first half, in which the former tried to take advantage of the imbalance that Zeballos could take from the right in the heads-up with the local left-back Calderara, and the locals also in the incisive attacks of the former “xeneize” Mouche and Bandiera on the sides.

But for that parity to be broken, the other essential protagonist of the Boca attack, Sebastián Villa, had to appear, and the Colombian was not very participative in the first 40 minutes.

However, a minute later Villa appeared from the left and in one of his classic moves he dribbled into the middle, and unleashed a lopsided forehand that went into the far post behind goalkeeper Rodrigo Saracho’s sinister hand.

But that blow that seemed to have occurred at a key moment quickly dissipated, since in the second minute of injury time awarded by referee Patricio Loustau, he allowed a corner kick to be executed for Barracas Central on the hour and Tapia’s execution It ended with the little Bandiera (1.72 meters tall) heading in the middle of the “xeneize” area to achieve equality.

The second stage was something else, because Boca came out determined to impose conditions. And so it was that shortly before the quarter of an hour, precisely in a combined action, the Colombian Fabra arrived with the ball dominated to the edge of the small area and in a play of “baby football” he delivered towards the middle so that Fernández was almost on the sentence line scored his first goal since he returned to Boca.

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But when Barracas Central was immediately going to go for parity again, the coup de grâce came with the expulsion of its midfield axis, the aforementioned Glaby, and already with one man less it was too much of an advantage to go and fight a team like Boca, who scored the third through Zeballos.

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