Boca beat Tigre and continues to climb positions in the championship

The defeat in the last presentation of the Libertadores Cup It left Boca with little margin to face the duel against Tigre for the Professional League. A new setback would have deepened the discontent the irregularity that exhibits the campus.

The challenge was met with some modifications, because on Thursday he will appear again for the local tournament, and on Tuesday, June 6, a key commitment against Colo Colo awaits him, to seal the classification to the round of 16 of the continental contest.

The match began to be defined quickly, due to an error by the visiting goalkeeper, Gonzalo Marinelli, allowed him to Merentiel convert the goal after 13 minutes. The former River tried to catch the ball after a corner kick, but it escaped and the striker took advantage of it to Make a Difference.

Beyond that action, the performance of the local team was convincing, and was several times with possibilities to increase the advantage. The failure in the definition, and some successful appearance by Marinelli prevented it. Victoria’s team showed a clear offensive inability and he could not finish off the goal in the entire first half.

Medina’s appearance among the Boca headlines gave him best ball deal in midfield, and together with Varela they took over that area. The youth player moved at times along the left wing, and many times ahead of Varela. That made him a initiator of attack actions, even with more preponderance than Ezequiel Fernández.

advíncula He was another who once again showed determination by playing further forward, and many times he became just another striker. The Peruvian changed sectors with Villa and also appeared on the left.

tiger tried to show a little more boldness in the second half, but he only came close with a corner kick as the most dangerous. Boca’s arrivals were continuous but he kept making mistakes when looking for the goal. Merentiel had a great chance after eluding the goalkeeper, but his touch went wide.

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Boca’s changes were giving him more pressure on the rival area, and between Vázquez, Payero and Langoni they were required to cause the error of their adversary in the starts from the bottom.

the former mouth Molinas caused a small silence in the stadium when he took a free kick and the ball went very close to the post. The action occurred only 30 minutes into that period.

The three points allow him to continue climbing in the championship, after a very bad start. The game level is another item that he still has to continue perfecting.

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