Platense continues to design movements in this winter pass market and in the last hours agreed the arrival on loan of attacker Vicente Taborda, from Boca Juniors.

The 21-year-old striker plays habitually In the reservation xeneize directed by DT Hugo Ibarra, although he already had filming in five First Division matches (totaled 218 minutes).

In fact, the player, that He can also play as a winger in the right sector, he joined the team of coach Sebastián Battaglia in the matches against Arsenal (2-1) by the tournament of the Professional League and Ferro (1-0) for Argentine Cupboth in this month of June.

Tabordathat will sign contract until December 2023, free of charge and without purchase optionhas the possibility of returning after six months, in case Boca Juniors, the club that owns his pass, requests it.

The striker has a contract with the Boquense institution until 2025according to the site Reserve Boca Juniors. In the Third Division he completed a total of 59 matches, with 14 goals converted.

Platense is the club that produced the greatest number of arrivals (9) for the start of this Professional League tournament.

The team he leads coach Omar De Felippe he also accounted for the arrivals of defender Ayrton Costa (Independent); midfielders Carlos Villalba (Cordoba Workshops), Federico Gino (Aldosivi from Mar del Plata), Nahuel Casasola (River Plate) and alexis sabella (San Lorenzo); the extreme John Cruz Esquivel (Córdoba Workshops) and the forwards Mauro Zarate (Youth, Brazil) and Sebastian Guerrero (Torque City, Uruguay).


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