Bobby Deol was heartbroken to see Tanya at the cafe and impatiently called her in the middle of the night

Bobby Deol has directed blockbuster films such as Bollywood Naam Gupt, Soldier and Barsaat. Most recently, he achieved great fame through the OTT series “Ashram”. He also made his name in films as a romantic hero, although few people know how his own romantic life began. Bobby fell in love with Tanya at first sight. In such a situation, let us know how that one-sided love turned into two-sided love.

Bobby Deol and Tanya’s love story began in a coffee shop. In fact, it so happened that once Tanya went with her friends to the Italian cafe, which was located in Mumbai’s most famous hotel President Trattoria. Meanwhile, Bobby had also arrived there. Bobby also had some friends in Tanya’s circle. What happened then when Bobby’s gaze fell on Tanya, he just lost his heart to her at that moment.

Bobby was madly in love with Tanya. In such a situation, he just wanted to go on a date with her. The problem, however, was that he didn’t have Tanya’s number. At that moment, Bobby called all his friends, finally he got the number and also learned that Tanya is the daughter of Dev Ahuja, the owner of a well-known financial company. When Bobby was about to give up, he immediately called Tanya. Tanya was also very pleased with Bobby’s efforts. So she agreed to this appointment.

In an interview with Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Tanya once revealed that she was shocked when someone called her phone in the middle of the night. The impatient Bobby didn’t want to see the time or anything else to meet him. In such a situation, he called Tanya in the middle of the night. Tanya didn’t know Bobby at this point. In such a situation, he picked up the phone and said: I will talk tomorrow. Then Bobby said, “You don’t know who I am?” Here, too, Bobby asked about the first date. The journey of both started here and is still going on.

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