Bobby Delol: "I missed my father when I was a child."

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol missed his father a lot when he was young. In a recent interview about the evolution of his relationship with his father, actor Dharmendra, and how that has affected his relationship with his sons Aryaman and Dharam.

Bobby sees that his relationship with his father has improved over the years. Long talks about life and spending time together are now an integral part of their bond.

“When our parents get older, they become vulnerable. And that’s when they need their children. Dad talks about everything with us (Bobby and Sunny). He also talks about things these days that he would never have talked to us about otherwise.”

When Bobby was young, Dharmendra worked long hours to create a bright future for his children. “I used to miss him at home,” says Bobby. “Sometimes he would take me to filming locations, but even then he was busy. He literally worked day and night to be able to give us a good future. He even slept on the sets.”

His childhood experience has given Bobby a different perspective on parenting. He spends more time with his sons Arayaman (20) and Dharam (17) and is very proud of the relationship he shares with them. And what he also really helps is the current working method in the film industry.

“I am from a different generation. I believe that the time you spend with your children when they are young is very valuable because it brings you closer to them. You don’t have to wait until they’re older to make friends with them.”

But the 53-year-old is also deeply inspired by the fact that his father is still working even at the age of 86. “Recently, Dad told me that he always thought he would only work until he was 70. There is still a fire burning in him and he wants to keep working. I also want to keep working as long as possible. I feel like I just started,” he finishes him.


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